Why Some Cats Have One "Favorite" Person

Wondering why your cat prefers one person in your household? It might be more normal than you think. Every cat is different but many have several things in common. If your cat seems to prefer one person in your household more than anyone else it could be because of some of the following things.

Cats prefer the people that feed and play with them

As with most pets, it's easier for them to bond with the people they spend the most time with. Especially if your cat has had a bad history or is skittish, they may prefer a particular because they make them feel more secure or safe by feeding and playing with them more frequently. Generally, the more time you spend with your cat, the more they will like you.

Cats are less dependent than dogs

Cats, generally, are much less dependant on humans than dogs are. While some dogs need to be by someone all the time, cats need much less attention so they are okay with waiting until their "favorite" person gets back home to get the attention they need. 

How to win your cat over

If you want to win your cat over here are some tips to try to get on their good side.


If you're not already the person in the household that feeds them, start doing it. Pay attention to your cat and feed them for every meal, they will quickly recognize that you are the caretaker and should start to warm up to you.

Play Time

Cats are natural-born hunters. Get toys that will bring out your cat's hunter instincts and play with them. Getting wands are ideal because you can pull the toy around and let them chase it. Other toys like mice or toys filled with catnip are perfect too.


Learn to recognize what your cat does and does not like. Pay attention to your cats' reactions when you pet them. When you pet them a certain way, does it make then purr? Do they seem to act on edge if you rub their back? If the cat started nipping at your or twitching their tail, this means they don't like what you're doing. Take the physical cues from your cat and try to follow and do what they seem to like best.

What not to do

If you want to work on becoming your cat's favorite person, here are some things you shouldn't do:

  • Don't approach your cat if they don't want you to
  • Don't make direct eye-contact with your cat if you know they don't like you, this can be seen as aggressive or threatening to your cat
  • Don't get your cat if they don't come to your first.  If the cat doesn't want to be touched, petting them will be alarming.