Why Does Female Dog Urine Kill The Grass?

Wondering why your female dogs' urine seems to burn the grass more than your male's? Technically there are no chemical differences between male and female dog urine.

The difference in the effect on your yard come from dilution. Most female dogs squat when urinating causing their urine to stay in a smaller area of the lawn and be concentrated more heavily there which can damage the grass more seriously. Males, however, generally lift their leg and spray a wider area when peeing. 

How To Prevent Lawn Damage

There are a wide variety of solutions that can help prevent damage to your yard. You can try any of the following and see what is most effective for your yard:

  • Have a designated location. Go outside with your dog frequently for a while and try to get your dog to only go to the bathroom in a specific area of your yard where there is no grass to kill. Once your dog gets used to going in that area, they will continue to go there rather than around the entire yard.
  • Water it down. Consider getting a sprinkler system for your yard or spraying the specific area of your yard down daily with the hose to dilute the concentration of the urine in that area.
  • Use Dog Rocks. Dog Rocks are an all natural way to neutralize your pets' urine and prevent it from burning your lawn.
  • Consider Diet Changes. Consult with your veterinarian first but incorporating more water into your dog's diet through moist food can help dilute the concentration of their urine as well.