The Benefits of Nutritional Yeast for Dogs

If you have a vegetarian or vegan in your life you’ve probably heard of nutritional yeast. This yeast is a deactivated form of yeast and it has a cheesy, nutty flavor. Not only is it crazy healthy for people, but dogs can also benefit from it as well! Nutritional yeast is categorized as a complete protein and it is loaded with B vitamins. Just one serving of this tasty powder can provide your dog with 9g of protein!

The Benefits of Nutritional Yeast to Dogs

Nutritional yeast contains all 10 essential amino acids that your dog needs. Because dogs cannot create these amino acids inside their body, they must receive it through their diet. Dogs also can’t store vitamin B in their bodies so it has to be added into their diet daily. With all the B vitamins found in nutritional yeast, your dog will gain so many benefits! Vitamin B1 is responsible for keeping your dogs metabolism in tip-top shape. Vitamin B2 will support their immune system and help give it a boost. Vitamin B9 supports brain function and development.

How to Give Your Dog Nutritional Yeast

The great thing about nutritional yeast is that a little goes a long way. You can add about less than a teaspoon to your dog's food daily. It’s just enough that they will benefit from it and they will get the delicious flavor! It can be added to wet food or dry food and even put into homemade treats. No matter how you decide to incorporate it into your dog's diet, he/she will love it!