How to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer!

Summer is here and that means pool days, lake days, and lots of time outdoors. Even though summer is loaded with fun and games, safety should be a top priority for dog owners. These simple tips will help guarantee that this summer will be accident-free and one to remember!

Water Safety

While some dogs are water lovers, others are not. Whether your dog enjoys a quick dip or prefers to lounge the day away by the pool, you should still keep water safety in mind. When visiting a lake, ocean, or any other natural body of water there are a few things to look out for. 

  • Appropriate swimming weather 
  • Calm water conditions 
  • Keep an eye out for boats and fisherman
  • Water temperature

Even if your dog is an excellent swimmer you should always take proper safety precautions. Investing in a specialized doggy life jacket could save your pup’s life in the event of an accident. Ocean water can cause vomiting and diarrhea so be sure that your dog is not drinking the water. Provide fresh, clean water to your dog at all times while on a swimming trip. 

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard you should be cautious all year round but especially in the summer. Every inground pool should have a fence around it whether there is a dog in the home or not. This will prevent your dog from jumping or falling into the pool and not being able to get out. If you and your pup spend a lot of time in the pool we recommend purchasing a ramp or doggy safe stairs for him/her to get out of the pool. 

Always teach your dog where the exit points of the pool are and keep a close eye on them the whole time. If your dog loves to lounge around the pool it is still a good idea to put them in a life jacket. It’s better to be safe than sorry! 

Some dog breeds have difficulty swimming and shouldn’t be encouraged to jump in: 

  • Pug - Short Snout 
  • Dachshund - Little Legs 
  • Bulldog - Short Snout, Little Legs 
  • Corgi - Little Legs 
  • Pitbull - Dense Muscles Make it Hard to Swim 

Car Safety

We understand that warm weather makes us want to let our dog’s tag along on errands. However, many dogs die each year due to being left alone in a hot car. In minutes, your car can heat up to over 100 degrees on a hot, sunny day. Cracking the windows has not proved to be effective in keeping your dog cool while running into the store. Unless you plan on visiting dog-friendly establishments, leave him/her at home for their own safety. If you see another dog locked in a car, search for the owner. If you are unable to track down the owner, call the police for assistance. 

Outside Playtime 

You might find that your dog doesn’t want to come inside after going potty. There’s nothing wrong with that! Many dogs love to sunbathe and let the breeze cool their ears as it blows by. However, too much sun can cause your dog to overheat. Be sure that there is a shady spot for your dog to go to in case he/she gets too hot. You should also always keep a cold bowl of water outside. Dog’s cool themselves down by drinking cold water and panting, so it is important to always keep fresh water available. Keep playtime outside monitored so your dog can safely enjoy the warm summer weather! 

Remember that summer is supposed to be fun, don’t get discouraged. If you follow these tips you are providing your dog with a safe and healthy environment to enjoy summer in. So go on now, have some fun!